A data mapping tool tailored to complex problems


Find out how the DPO of a local authority in France uses our data mapping tool in its efforts to comply with GDPR.


Step into the shoes of a CISO who facilitates the implementation of an authentication strategy (login and password management) with our data mapping tool.


Learn how a computer architect centralized a data dictionary to optimize resources and lower process costs.

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Information Systems Manager

As the Information Systems Manager, you manage infrastructure and applications, anticipating security risks, and you oversee the organization of your IS.

Mydatacatalogue  provides accurate monitoring and exhaustive mapping of your information system data.

Data Protection Officer

As the DPO, Data Protection Officer, you investigate, audit and analyze your organization’s data to facilitate the implementation of GDPR.

Mydatacatalogue, gives you a continuous overview of your data assets through our smart catalogs.

Chief data officer

As CDO, Chief Data Officer, you lead your company’s digital transformation, you identify innovation levers and facilitate extensive digital projects.

 Mydatacatalogue provides your data community with a simple intuitive dedicated platform and that facilitates the sharing of knowledge.

Now is the time to test our platform