We offer your teams our project expertise

Data Management 

We provide our data governance skills and experience to assist you in the step by step management of your data. Dawizz adapts to your requirements to make your projects a success.

Data governance

At Dawizz, we are committed to the success of your data projects. This is why we have a range of support services tailored to your needs and matching your context. Data governance is important for your data analysis, data management, data processing and data security procedures :

  • Identification and mapping of information system data
  • Analysis of sensitive, critical and strategic data
  • Data quality control
  • Data management process measurement

Dawizz provides support

At Dawizz our experts in data management guide our clients through the steps with workshops, training sessions and dedicated audits. We tailor our services to your context and data management challenges.


 We have been working in computer development for many years and we believe in an iterative, benevolent, and constructive approach as a team.
We apply an agile approach to all our projects and interventions.

Un environnement de travail adepte de la méthode agile
La sécurité informatique au coeur des interventions


  Quality is part of Dawizz’s DNA and an integral part of the way we approach our services daily.
It is a vital feature of our data governance approach.