It goes without saying, these days, that computer security is important. Yet, we still have a long way to go to make everyone aware of the issues involved in making data secure.

Data security and protection are a real challenge

Changes to data, unintended modifications or deletion can occur unexpectedly. This often happens when you least expect it. Malicious acts such as data theft or the use of ransomware are now taken into account by the majority of businesses and authorities. Their Computer Security policy has often been updated with this in mind.

They have been quick to grasp that one of the key challenges is anticipating this kind of risk. Or how can they be sure that their data is really secure. Today all the experts agree that the real question is not whether they will be attacked one day, but when they will be the victim of a Cyber attack.

What can you do to improve your data protection?

Without going overboard or being overzealous, there are some simple things that you can do. Why not check out our computer graphic on data security.

In the meanwhile, there’s nothing like feedback to stimulate your own thoughts on the matter. In the discussion (in French) below, Anne Le Hénanff shares her views on the sensitive subject of data protection.